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About the band

The Sweet Leaf was a heavy rock band formed in Mexico City in the 90s, however the musical influences of such go well back.  The differences of the such and of the characters that formed it added and enhanced its diversity and perplexity.  The same qualities that caused it to be so unique, were unfortunately some of the same factors that caused its inevitable breakup. 


While times have changed and life has nudged the members forward (as well as dispersed too!!).  After a 10 year hiatus it appears the members of the group are regaining contact.  While this doesn't necessarily mean that the band will be getting back together in the near future , it certainly does provide a brghter hope for the future of rock.

Sign the guestbook

Sign our guestbook and tell us how great we were and how much you've missed us.  And don't forget to beg us to get together again! 

Where Are They Now??

The founding "father" Fernando is still making his rounds in the music circuit. Claudio is married and has a baby boy(we hope he looks like his mother!!). Adela is married and has 4 boys (we hope they look like their mother!!).There have been rumors that the original bass player,aka 'El Thrasher' is still playing and is big in Japan, the  more recent bass player, Oscar Montes aka 'El Compa' aka 'Frankie Rock and Roll' is a tattoo artist in Mexico City.

Hopefully input from the members of the band will enhance this otherwise rather lame website soon, I'm working on it, I know this website doesn't do the band justice, but it's better than nothing, right?